Would you like to build your own radio telescope to monitor solar flares, coronal mass ejections, or any kind of sudden ionosphere disturbance (SID)?

Author and radio telescope builder Percival Andrews takes your through the complete theory and practice of how to build your own solar storm radio telescope.

The solar storm radio telescope is designed to be inexpensive and easy to build. It monitors very low frequency (VLF) radio signals traveling through the ionosphere. The antenna is constructed from a wire coil (no parabolic dish to worry about), and simple, readily available electronic components. The system is fully computerized, and free software is included.

How To Build Your Own Radio Telescope is distributed as an eBook in PDF format. Buy safely with PayPal and your copy will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours, usually within 24 hours.

Included in the price, I offer ongoing technical support by e-mail to readers seeking help whilst building their radio telescopes.

Percival Andrews  percival.andrews@gmail.com

How To Build Your Own Radio Telescope

 How to Build Your Own Radio Telescope
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Table of contents

1. Why build a radio telescope?
2. Introducing the Solar Storm Radio Telescope (SSRT)
3. What you’ll need to build the SSRT
4. Finding a suitable radio transmitter
5. Building the on-board electronics
6. Building the antenna
7. Installing the radio telescope
8. Installing the PC software and finding the signal
9. Optimizing the performance of the radio telescope
10. Interpreting the radio telescope signal
11. What next?
A1. System diagram
A2. Electronic schematic diagram
A3. Electronics parts list
A4. Signal generator
A5. Data collection for the AAVSO

"How To Build Your Own Radio Telescope" readers all over the world

The book has a worldwide readership. The map below shows some of the current locations of more than 250 SSRT Radio Telescope readers. Add your radio telescope to the list!

Real time internet streaming and solar storm monitoring network

Included with the book is the software that you need to stream your observations directly to the internet in real time. Click here to see the SSRT real time network and then click or double-click on a radio telescope icon on the map to track the observations.


Distributed free with the book is Percival Andrews' own radio telescope monitoring software, SSRT Robot 2. Other software needed for operating the SSRT is available as freeware on the internet. (Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8)

Book details

© Percival Andrews, Third edition 2013
2.0 MB, printable, e-mail friendly, Adobe Acrobat PDF file
Detailed explanations throughout of the theory and practice of solar storm monitoring
Full schematic diagrams for electronic all circuits
List of parts and part numbers from Mouser (international supplier)

Some links of interest

Unihedron Capacitance Selector for tuning a VLF antenna such as the one used in this project

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Radio telescope enthusiasts said...

"The book is really a great resource and one that observers will probably want to have"
Mike Hill, Chairman SID section, AAVSO

"Well done for an excellent treatise on radio telescope building"
H.R., London, U.K.

"I didn't realize that making a radio telescope would actually be quite straightforward. An ideal project for the amateur scientist"
P.B., Melbourne, Australia

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